SBS 2011 powershell and emc error only some users can login to owa

SBS 2011 with SP1 installed, which installed fine, upon reboot the permissions for several directories within IIS were incorrect along with all exchange services disabled.

Since then have repaired permissions on OWA and all other directories, apart from an error 500 error message on EMC.

Have checked directory permissions on Powershell vdir, removed and rebuilt it under IIS, checked authentication so ssl is disabled and only enabled anonymous access, checked kerbauth and wsman are registered at root and enabled in powershell modules. Have tried removing and reinstalling WS man IIS Extension as well no go. Exchange path variable is correct as well.

Still receiving error when opening EMC http 500.

Please assist.
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JamillehConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Unresolved, had to rebuild server
You have web.config for EMC and EMS, just make sure you have correct path define in it

Like we do see %exchange in it , it should be path where exchange is installed .. u will fine 1 entry for % exchange just leave that. If you have many the u need to chnage it

checked kerbauth and wsman is not required on DWS and on Root it should be only enabled on powershell vdir.

JamillehAuthor Commented:
Had to rebuild server
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