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I have a 3560 as core switch and installing a new 3750x for redundancy, is there a way I can set these up as acitve-active, so I can do load sharing, etc. I know GLBP is not supported by 3560.

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Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
Well not really from a layer 2 perspective.  If they are the layer 3 core, then you can set up HSRP between all the SVIs between the switches.  Then you could set one switch to be the primary hsrp address on half the vlans, and the other can be primary on the other vlans.  This would help with layer 3 load sharing and help with redundancy if s switch dies.  Really though how useful load sharing will be will really need to be determined by the path that data needs to take.  Your best bet is to buy 2 3750x switches stack them together and just do something else with the 3560.  That gives you the best of both worlds.  
Not really  If they both have layer 3 IP Services firmware, then you should be able to set up HSRP.  But HSRP is not active-active.
sharonski12Author Commented:
thanks kenboonejr, yes they are layer 3 core and i was planning HSRP, but was hoping for another solution since the 3560 is pretty much going to be empty now. My plan is in the future is to get another 3750x so we can stacked but since I just got the 3750x I dont see a new one  in the near future. need to figure out how to give redundancy to the servers and ISP connections. Only one link for each.
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