windows 2008 server cals

I need to add CALS to my system are all Windows server cals the same?
R1 and R2 versions of Windows 2008 server, either Standard ,Data, Web, or Enterprise?
Will a 5 user cal be accepted for R1 or R2 or are they specific to each version?
Tony DAsked:
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Yes, they are all the same a Windows 2008 Server CAL is a CAL for each of the editions and releases.

You do not install CALs you keep the record of the purchase so, if MS audits you, you can then prove the CAL purchase. Windows Servers don't restrict or monitor CALs
Wes FieldsCommented:
CAL's are not specific to the version of Server 2008.  Your 5 user CAL should be accepted for R1 or R2.

A Windows 2008 CAL is valid for access to any Windows Server 2008 server OS's (Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter Editions)

Actually from my understanding even a Windows 2008 CAL can be used to access Windows 2003 also but not the vice versa.  (Windows 2003 CAL to access Windows 2008 is not allowed.)

Hope this help,
Tony DAuthor Commented:
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