Monitor an MX record and status of SMTP availability

I am in the process of moving a DOMAIN name to a new provider and I am in need of having to monitor any down time inthe transfer process.
Is there any way to monitor an MX entry and fucntionality of the MX/Mail inbox being available during this transfer.
I am doing a test domain first and need to setup testing to see if any down time will exist whilst moving to new domain provider. It is a LINUX mailbox.
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Mahmoud SabryCommented:
MXtoolbox free tools
ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
Thanks, do you know of any way or tool than can be an automatic monitoring tool - this looks like it is a manual task. As the DOMAIN transfer can take up to 72 hours I was hoping to have it monitoring and reporting over that time, showing no down time during the transfer.
Mahmoud SabryCommented:
register here ,, craete account for your self, then add your domain to monitor it,and add ur private email address,

then the site will continous monitor ur domain and will send u email if ur site is down for any time
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ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
I have registered, and in order to get the functionality needed  I need to pay. Do you know of a free site or tool that provides this functionality . The functionality is spot on in that is tests the MX record connects to the mail box and test it is functional.
ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
Does anyone know of a FREE tool ?
Khandakar Ashfaqur RahmanExpert/ConsultantCommented:

Use KS Host Monitor.It's a tiny software and good for monitoring any service+IP.It'll automatically generate,alarm,email,sms.Serach by the following keywords:

KS-Soft Advanced Host Monitor Portable 8.14.exe


Go to website.

Or you may install Nagios.It's an open source tool.You can install and configure Nagios for mail service.

For configuring mail service monitor in Nagios:
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