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I'm looking for suggestion on Exchange hosting solutions for a small business. We have a group of 10-15 employees that we need to provide an exchange solution for.

Our main goal is not to add any more IT overhead by providing email solution to this new group of employees. I talked with different exchange hosting companies and they all seem to provide basic level of support for people calling in. Any advanced level of support requiring access to the admin panel will have to be through an admin or contact person on the account.

Are there any exchange hosting companies that can provide 100% support customers calling without requiring an admin or contact person ? in other words exchange support for all 10-15 employees.

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Why not go to and use the source?  

Not sure they are going to give you the help desk situation that you are looking for, but they would be on the very short list of places to even go for the hosted exchange....

Hi Delmiroc,

When you set up users for Office 365 you can make any number of users you want admins, giving them access to the admin panel. The problem you will have with any hosted service is that full support options will always be limited to admins and then your users can create more problems for you than they can solve.
DelmirocAuthor Commented:
are there any other options ? or is it my only option to hire an IT consulting firm to support these users 100% ? I was hoping to find a company that will provide solution and 100% support from basic to advance support for all users within a company.
DelmirocAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
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