select all values that contain a specific value (Oracle)

Good morning folks- I have a table that has a 13 digit field, the last two numbers are a sequence number, I need to find all records that have a 99 code (which is an error in this application) and list the record# and all previous sequences in that number...

An example of the number could be

in this example the record# 1111111111111 has 4 different "Sequences"

I need to find all the ones that have a 99 sequence and I want to see what other sequences are under that same number (in my above example I would want to select the 21111111111111 record because it has a 99 sequence and I want to list out all the other sequences for that record(01,02)

In a perfect world I would have the record number and then the sequence separated
2111111111111 - 01
2111111111111 - 02

Doing a mix using something simple like a substr I am only getting the 99 sequence, not all the others....

I know there is some very simple answer I'm just overlooking it and trying to over complicate it...

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Off the top of my head this is what I came up with first.
drop table tab1 purge;
create table tab1(col1 varchar2(15));
insert into tab1 values('111111111111101');
insert into tab1 values('111111111111102');
insert into tab1 values('111111111111103');
insert into tab1 values('111111111111104');
insert into tab1 values('111111111111201');
insert into tab1 values('111111111111202');
insert into tab1 values('211111111111101');
insert into tab1 values('211111111111102');
insert into tab1 values('211111111111199');

select t1.first || ' - ' || t1.last
from (select substr(col1,1,13) first, substr(col1,14,2) last from tab1) t1
where first in (select substr(col1,1,13)  from tab1 where col1 like '%99')

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hej613Author Commented:
Thanks! :)
try these, in particular I recommend the first one
oh, sorry I was too slow to respond.

however, I still recommend the first query in my file.  

slightwv's query should work, but it suffers from the same problem as my second query
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