.pst of 2nd mailbox

Outlook 2010, i have attached a other users mailbox to my Outlook 2010. how to create a .pst of the mailbox and all subfolders? without creating a pst and dragging the old folders to the new folders in the pst
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Perhaps if you could explain why you are needing to do this, I could be of better assistance.
As it stands now, It sounds like you are trying to archive off all of a users email to an PST File.

has this person left the company and no longer needs their emails?
When this is done, what the plan with the file?
Is the user still going to use it or will you be using it?

If your just trying to Export the Mailbox to a PST
Just select/Highlight the Mailbox

Choose File>Open>Import
Choose Export to File
Outlook Data File
Then Select the Inbox folder to export
Best way to do this is to Close the Current PST (You want to Copy/move)
**Note the location where its saved on the PC
Create a new PSt in Outlook

Go to File>Open>Import
IMport from another Program or File
Choose Outlook Data File
Then Locate the PSt you noted above

Once selected, choose to import it into the New PST you have just created

Once done, it moves everything for you'

HubmanAuthor Commented:
It is the .pst file that I want to create from the other persons mailbox. I have added their mailbox to my outlook 2010
HubmanAuthor Commented:
has this person left the company and no longer needs their emails, yes....I archive email and data..
IN that case,

Just select it and export it to a past as above

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