Reverse string in DB2

  I have to reverse a string for a particular field. Is there a way to do it in DB2 UDB 8.2?

Example : ABCDE

Desired Output : EDCBA
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you will have to implement it yourself

why do you need this?
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi pvsbandi,

You come up with some of the coolest questions.   :)

There is no "native" function to do it in DB2.  You'll have to write a function that reverses the string, or build a small recursive SQL to do it.  I'll be glad to help with either.

Or maybe there's another solution to the problem.  Can you describe what you need?  (Other than just a string reversal.)

pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
:).. i'm using Business Objects DeskI to create a cross tab report, and the requirement is to reverse the rows column.. Since, there is no way to reverse the text in BO, i was wondering if i can do it on the database side..
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Well, you can do it, but not with a simple REVERSE() function call from the sysibm schema.

Here's a recursive SQL to do it.  Just modify the first subselect to pick up the string that you want to reverse.


with rev (length, newstring, oldstring)
  select 0, cast ('' as varchar (200)), 'Some String' FROM sysibm.sysdummy1


  SELECT length+1, 
    newstring || case when length (oldstring) > 0 then right (oldstring, 1) else '' end,
    left (oldstring, length (oldstring) - 1)
  FROM rev
  where oldstring <> ''
select * from rev r
where r.length = (select max(length) from rev);

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pvsbandiAuthor Commented: always! Thank you!
Dave FordSoftware Developer / Database AdministratorCommented:

The following function works beautifully for me. HTH!

  inString VARCHAR(100)
  RETURNS varchar(100)
  modifies sql data
  set option dbgview = *source

-- Scratch variables used for processing
DECLARE outputString VARCHAR(100);
DECLARE stringLength INT;
DECLARE loopCounter INT;

-- If the incoming string is NULL, return NULL
IF (inString IS NULL) THEN
  return NULL;

  -- Initialize the scratch variables
  SET outputString = '';
  SET stringLength = LENGTH(inString); 
  SET loopCounter = stringLength;

  -- Loop over the string
  WHILE (loopCounter >= 0) DO
     -- Append a single character off the string
     SET outputString = outputString || SUBSTRING (inString, loopCounter, 1);

     SET loopCounter = loopCounter - 1;

  -- Return the final output
  if (outputString = '') then
     return NULL;
     return outputString;
  end if;

End If;


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