Outlook Shared Calendar - Off by 1 Hour

First, I've already viewed other threads on this topic here at EE, such as http://www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Applications/Q_25660187.html .

I do not believe the Time Zone patch for Exchange is our issue, since this problem is happening in December and January, long after Daylight Time ended in November-- and only 2 users in the company are affected.

USERS:  Boss and Secretary share a calendar in Outlook and ARE affected.  Other users sharing other calendars on the same Exchange server are NOT affected.

PLATFORM:  Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

PROBLEM:  User A creates an event into a shared Outlook calendar.  User B sees it 1 hour off.   **HOWEVER**, if User B creates the event, User A sees the correct time.

I verified that:
 1)  Time, date, and time zone are all correct on each PC, and both are set to automatically adjust for DST.
 2)  Time zone set within Outlook is correct on each PC, and both are set to adjust for DST.

Any clues on what the problem might be, or what to check next?

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EcomproConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks to apache09 for the reply.  Unfortunately, the user with this problem suffered a hard drive failure and the company replaced the PC, so we never had a chance to test your solution.
DST updates for Exchange May Already be applied

However, it sounds like an update might be missing on one of the users Actual PC

here is a link to the latest dst Update Dec 2011

Install on both PCs and Check again.

I dont really see what version of Outlook the users are using
But make sure they have the latest Service Packs installed, as some address dst issues

Outlook 2003=SP3
Outlook 2007=SP3
Outlook 2010=SP1

Just in case may also pay to check that neigther PC is Syncing to a mobile device, which may be resetting the calendar time

EcomproAuthor Commented:
Requesting this question be closed, since we won't have the opportunity to test the proposed solution.
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