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Undelete a file from a network drive

One of our users deleted a pdf on a shared network drive.  The drive is on a Windows 2003 server.  Is there any way to get this file back.  No backups were made on this drive either.
2 Solutions
I would use http://www.piriform.com/recuva
Install it, point it to the directory and recover.
Provided your server was setup with shadow copies enabled, it would be possible to recover files. The Link below gives you some idea on this feature and how it is used:


But as it probably hasn't been setup, it'll be very unlikely the data is recoverable, and it would also mean a lot of work and server down time just to find out whether it can be recovered.

The first and most important rule with data recovery is to stop writing to the disks where the data was on. Otherwise the chances will be high that the area the file was on will be overwritten with new data. That means you'd have to disable all access to the server from your Clients (shut the server down). Then you would have to scan the server's disks when booted from another OS, so the server's disks aren't used. Usually this means you have to take the disk out and put it in another PC as a 2nd HD. Put this can be a problem when the disk(s) come from a server with RAID. Then you'd have to scan the disk using a data recovery utility like getdataback (or the one mentioned above, but I have had the best recovery rates with the one I'm mentioning):


Once the file has been found you can register the utility so you can copy the data to a location on your PC. After that you would have to return the disks back to your server, boot it up, and then copy the file from the PC you recovered it to back to the server.

So generally in a server environment that is usually not an option. But for the future enable the shadow copies...

kheaneyAuthor Commented:
I knew this would not be an easy task or something in-expensive.

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