Logmein - Are there cheaper alternatives?

I need to access my home pc while on the road.  Is there any cheaper alternatives than logmein?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
As noted above, LogMeIn is free as long as you don't need the printer redirection, drag-and-drop file transfers, etc. that Pro adds.    [There's a comparison chart here:  https://secure.logmein.com/comparisonchart/comparisonFPP.aspx ]

You can also simply log in via Windows' built-in Remote Desktop Connection ... although this will also not support the advanced features you get with LogMeIn Pro.

The simple fact is that for only $70/year LogMeIn Pro is a very good value if you do a lot of remote access and need the file transfers and printer redirection features ... and LogMeIn Free is an even better value [ :-) ]  if you don't need those features.    I've used the free version for years and it's very reliable and lets us access our systems easily from anywhere we happen to be.     If I need to transfer a file, I simply e-mail it to myself and/or use one of the free file transfer sites for larger files.
AdrienneSperberTech Support CoordinatorCommented:
The free version of Logmein never expires, it is only if you want to add many computers and provide desktop support through it for your company, then you must pay for it.
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

FOC for single user, easy to access
Jeff MorlenNetwork EngineerCommented:
If you are looking for access to multiple computers and have the ability to host your own "server", then ScreenConnect is a great alternative.

With it being only, about, $300... lifetime license... you can't beat it.
I use LogMeIn Pro for 5 computers, but I find that I never use the file transfer anymore, as I just use the free Dropbox to sync files.  I'm shortly going to cancel my pro account, ratchet my 5 computers down to LogMeIn free accounts, and just use Dropbox for file transfer.  I'll give up local printing and sound (which I never use) but the price goes to zero.
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