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Need some help with a company news display we want to implement.   Basically they want to put a couple Visio flat panels around the building and then display some company news over the network on the panels.   The news display could be something like a Powerpoint slide show which would just continuously run or even a web application to display general information to employees.

How do we put something like together ?  Are their names for this sort of system, can you purchase the software from vendors or just develop in house.   Plus how would you host the news display application on one workstation/server and then display to multiple Visio units around the building ?  How are the montiors connected to the network.  Thanks much for any ideas.
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
You've pretty much hit on it in your question.  You use networked monitors (which can be had at a price) or a monitor hooked up to a networked computer hidden in the wall or ceiling and push Powerpoint to it.

There are other solutions (hardware and software) that tend to revolve around the search terms "digital signage"|mkwid_sriaSF3HA_3985719338_432txu7stz1v01134

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