Web App Not Retrieving Data from Database


I have a web app.  The code is working fine.  I had the app on one server and the database on another.  I then moved the code to a different server.  The page renders, however, I am not viewing the same data.  Is there something I need to do specifically to connect to the server with db?  Not sure what to do and looking for guidance. I tried the dbserver tag in the cfquery, but it seems that it has been deprecated.  Any suggestions?
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Not all hosts support remote database connectivity, meaning that the site files and database must be hosted by the same organization in order to communicate. If this is the case, then you need to recreate your database somewhere where you can connect to it and change your connection string to point to the new server.
You need to configure the database connection in the Coldfusion Administrator.


In the "Data Sources" section - This is where you configure database connections for when you perform queries with the cfquery tag. You create a datasource and map it to a database. You can supply extra information if required such as username/passwords etc.

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   > The page renders, however, I am not viewing the same data

Are you seeing different data than you expected OR nothing at all? Are you getting an error message?
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armanbenaAuthor Commented:
No, there's no error.  When I do a search, and originally data was being returned, now it shows no records found.
First I'd check whether the problem is the data OR the query.   Run a SELECT * FROM tableName (no WHERE filters) Does it return the data you were expecting to see? If yes, it might be a problem with the cfquery filters.
> No, there's no error.  

So what ended up being the problem? If there wasn't a datasource configured you'd definitely get an error.
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