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So my organization is now over the 25 PC threshhold to use KMS for activation.  All my Windows 7 clients are activated with MAK keys currently.  I have a 2008R2 server with a 2008R2 KMS key installed and activated.  

I've read that until I have 25 KMS clients, none of them will be activated by KMS.  Does that mean I have to run around and install the KMS key on all these computers at one time or do I get a grace period so I can do it over a few days?  Same question for Office 2010 (which I realize only requires 5 clients).

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Glen KnightCommented:
Having recently done this myself I used the VAMT toolkit to re-activate with the new keys.

See here for more info:
Tex_ka95Author Commented:
I was in the process of installing the VAMT when you wrote me.  So I can use this tool to re-activate each of my PC's with KMS keys remotely?
Glen KnightCommented:
Indeed it can.  Will do Office as well :-)
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