Good commerical wake on LAN software

Hello experts,

I work at a community college in New York and recently my supervisor asked me to find a good wake on LAN software that we can use on our servers. He suggested to me to check out "matcode" first. I did and it works good, but it is command-line based and there is very little management and no ability to schedule when the magic packets are sent out.
I also checked out "R-shut pro", the trial version, it works OK, but only works if the PC is on the same subnet and VLAN as the server that is sending the magic packet out. Plus, it is server-client based, so it's an additional piece of software to install and configure.

So, we are looking for a good piece of commerical Wake on LAN software where we can manage and do some scheduling with. We would be willing to pay a reasonable fee if we knew it worked the way we wanted it to.

To summarize, this is what the software must be able to do:

- must be able to send the magic packet across multiple VLAN's and multiple subnets. For example, if we have a server sitting on VLAN 5, we need it to be able to wake a computer lab on VLAN 201, 203, and 207.

- it would be a huge plus if we could schedule the server to send out the magic packet to - for example - all computer labs on the 1st floor at 5:30am on Monday's and Wednesday's.

- the software can't be server-client based (like how Outlook works). It's just another piece of software to include in the image and this invites more problems.

- lastly, we really want this software to sit on one server - whether it be physical or virtual. We would really not prefer this software to be installed on multiple servers or PC's in multiple VLAN's

If anyone has some suggestions, I would love to hear them. I do work in a community college and so the software needs to be able to work on hundreds of PC's. Lastly, we are only considering Windows machines at this point. We have one Mac lab, but it's not a concern at this time.

Thank you experts!!

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I use Specops GPupdate for WOL capability. The paid version also allows you to script it. You can use it to send WOL packets across the network, as long as your routers allow the directed broadcasts. It works by querying all of your DHCP servers for the MAC addresses of the machines you are trying to boot. If you have anything using static IPs, you will need to convert them to DHCP with a static reservation. The software can be run from any machine that has the Active Directory management tools installed. It can work on a single machine, or entire OUs. It is integrated with AD, so it is very Windows focused. I use the free version, and the Pro is only $99 and is available as a trial. Even if you don't end up using it for this project, I think that you'll keep it in your toolbox because it is very handy.

WOL works with the hardware and BIOS of the machine before the machine boots, so there is no software to install on your clients.
FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
Hi kevin,

Thanks for the tip.
I had to login to my laptop as a domain administrator just to install the software. I am an admin on the local PC, but had to use a different one to login as a domain admin.
I have it installed now, but how do I run it?
I double-clicked on "specopssoft.adx.ui.exe" and it gives me this error message:

"No computer selection supplied. Start the application with a command line containing one or more distinguished names"

Also, I'm not seeing any documentation on the website you included in your post that shows you how to use the software.

Did you start with the GUI installer? You run the software it from Active Directory Users and Computers. Right click on a machine or OU, and you will see additional options, like Start Computer, Gpupdate, Shut Down Computer, Restart Computer.

Documentation can be found at

For information on how to do the scripting, I would contact the company.
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check out it does most of what you want and it's free.
FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
Hi ts4673,
I checked out your suggestion earlier today and it software appears to be totally web-based so it would not work us in the way we want. Plus, I don't see a way for you to schedule when a PC starts up and shuts down.
Thank you for your suggestion.

FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
To Kevin,

After some troubleshooting and experimentation, I think the problem is that I was installing the software on a Windows XP SP3 laptop. I installed the software on a test windows 2003 server we have and I see the menu items you are referring to. So the problem is that it needs to be installed on a server. Since I don't have any admin rights to an active server at the college, I need to work in conjunction with our server admin person. It turns out he has heard of GPupdate before and has used it, but not for WOL function. I will def get back to you if your suggestion works.
Have you had any personal experience with the software? It looks really promising.

It works on XP Sp3. Do you have the AD Management tools installed from adminpak.msi? I use it for machine reboot, shutdown, and WoL.
FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
To kevin,
I have access to my main PC today and yes I am able to get adminpak.msi working and also gp update installed.
I've having a problem with permissions. I have domain admin rights, but every time i send any command to this one PC, I keep getting "access is denied" errors. I sometimes get "rpc errors".
I am running gp update on my desktop PC and have adminpak.msi installed and I am trying to send commands to another PC that no one else is using today. I'm logged into both machines as myself and they are both on the same VLAN and subnet.

Any ideas of things to try here?

Hmmm...when you send a WoL, there are permissions required to the machine being booted, because you are just sending two packets onto the network. Maybe there's somthing going on with the DHCP records for that machine, since it queries the domain DHCP servers to determine the MAC address of the machine you are trying to boot. Have you tried contacting SpecOps support or forums?
FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
Hi Kevin,

No I have not tried to contact the support team yet. I'm doing a little troubleshooting with our system administrator but we do have other more important things to work on.
I'll write back next week after I have had some time to troubleshoot some things.

There is a local LAN component. Only the interface is web based
FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
To ts4673,

I was able to find the instruction manual on their website and it looks to me everything is web-based. I understand that magic packets are sent thru layer 2, but if someone has to login to a web site and click on a button to wake a PC, up then I'm not sure if PowerONMyPC is going to work for us.

Are you currently using it in your organization?

FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
To all,

Has anyone heard of EMCO Remote Shutdown?
One of my coworkers suggested I look into this and I was wondering if anyone has heard (or used) this product.


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FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
FLCCAdminAuthor Commented:
Someone in my department suggested the software to me. But thank you to everyone for the suggestions!
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