Unit tests for activities

Please let me know how I can write unit tests for activities in an Android application.
The important thing is that how do I simulate consecutive activities. For example, let's assume I have 3 activities A, B and C. How can I test the state of Activity B, based on what the user has done in Activity A and Activity B?

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dshrenikAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links!

I did try those tutorials, but I felt that the content in those links were insufficient to do the kind of testing I described in my question.

Dejan PažinHead of SW DevelopmentCommented:

The framework allows you to get the reference to the objects inside your application.  That is all you need to get a result of the input and use it in the next activity.

See this example:


This is the important part, where it shows how to get the reference:

  protected void setUp() throws Exception {
      mInstrumentation = getInstrumentation();

      mActivity = getActivity(); // get a references to the app under test

       * Get a reference to the main widget of the app under test, a Spinner
      mSpinner = (Spinner) mActivity.findViewById(com.android.demo.myactivity.R.id.Spinner01);

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dshrenikAuthor Commented:
mActivity = getActivity(); => this gets me a reference to the current activity right?

What if I want to click a button in this activity, which creates an activity B. How do I get a reference to activity B?

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