XP looses always some Userrights and have stupid security settings on files

One very small customer user a Windows XP-Pc as Server. This machine shares one folder to 4 clients on the network. Normaly everyone have the right to access and do everything in this folder. From one day to another now all clients and the "server" don´t have the right to do anything with these files. But only some (maybe 2 of 3) files are restricted. You can right-click on one file, get access by setting the owner to the current user. Then you can see, that all rights for "everybody" is explicite forbitten. You now can change this. This can be done recursive for all folders and files. But some hours later, some files have no or a false owner again and no rights for anybody.

What i have done so far:
- Virus scan with two different scanners -> no virus
- Update latest MS updates
- chkdsk -> no errors
- check event-log

any ideas for me ?
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Restrict access to the file. Dont give everyone full access.. Your users are prolly having a little fun with you.
Sounds fishy. Are you sure nobody is manually making the change, or that there are no procedures in place (DeepFreeze, for example) to replace the files with a previously saved version on a schedule?

To test, I would make another folder elsewhere on the "server", give it the same exact files inside, and map a network drive to that new folder -only- on a manager's machine without telling anybody besides the manager. If his files don't change permission while the main ones do, then I think you will know where to go from there.

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For starters Windows XP is not designed to be used in that way.
For Windows XP Professional, the maximum number of other computers that are permitted to simultaneously connect over the network is ten. This limit includes all transports and resource sharing protocols combined. For Windows XP Home Edition, the maximum number of other computers that are permitted to simultaneously connect over the network is five. This limit is the number of simultaneous sessions from other computers the system is permitted to host. This limit does not apply to the use of administrative tools that attach from a remote computer.
That being said It is possible that the resource or other resources on that machine are being used driving that connection limit too high. Possibly it is open by others in the office or other processes.
Why not try creating another share with a different name copying the files over and seeing if you get the same result.
Turn on "simple file sharing" is. If it is turned on, you either share with everyone or with nobody, make sure the individual files have everyone permission on them first.

Also make sure the XP system is fully patched may be a patch issue
loosainAuthor Commented:
This was it
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