Need more help on 2nd HDD for Lenovo Ideapad Y710

In this thread the final answer indicates an additional part was needed to attach a 2nd HDD in the hot swap bay of the Lenovo Ideapad Y710.  I've searched the Lenovo site and found no reference for such part.  I desperately need to know what that part is.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is apparently a well-known problem:

Apparently, the ports are off by 1/4 inch or so and you only get the adapter if you bought the laptop with both bays populated - the adapter doesn't seem to be sold separately.  Did you contact Lenovo about this?  Otherwise, you can get an external USB enclosure and install your drive in that, if you can't find the adapter.
I would check out the OEM drives from lenovo designed for this, or call their support/ sales line.

Also might check the maint. manual to see if it covers this.

I hope this helps !
Does the first drive fit in the second bay and work?  Take a picture of the connectors and the docking end - it should be easy to figure out why it wouldn't work.
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jfmurr1Author Commented:
Yes it fits.  Please look at the other thread noted above; that has pictures of the drive in the 2nd HDD "caddy" and of the connector on inside of machine.  Problem is the 2 don't line up - and apparently an additional part is needed to make the physical connections.
jfmurr1Author Commented:
I'll try to contact Lenovo next week.  I know I've searched their site and found nothing.  I even searched eBay to see if anyone had "something" for sale.
jfmurr1Author Commented:
Does point out that I do need a part - which I already knew, but not what the part is.
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