Clone SAS drives to new RAID1

We have an HP server that is running out of space. It has a RAID1. The drives are SFF SAS 10k drives. I have purchased two additional hard drives.

What would be the best way to clone that data to the new drives? I ordered a SAS to Sata, but there is no interface to connect to USB.

What I wanted to do was install the new hard drives, setup raid1, and clone 1 of the old drives through USB. Is this possible? I have looked for USB to SAS with no luck.

OS = Windows Server 2008
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why don't you just attach the new drives to the server's RAID controller, create a new array with them, and then either clone the old array to the new one, or use the new array as additional space?
newmathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have existing bays in the server's backplane for your two new SAS drives? If so, you could plug them in, let the controller pick them up, create a new mirror out of the two new drives, and then clone the old mirror onto the new with something like Acronis' True Image -- it supports RAID arrays.
DotFoilAuthor Commented:
Okay I completely forgot about that, I am not sure if there is extra plugs, but I am sure there is as this server supports 384GBs. Thanks guys. We do have Acronis Server 11.
DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
HP 's controllers have metadata, so any cloning must be done from within the O/S.  (Total block count reported from the booted O/S's hard drive is smaller than the # of physical blocks) so any hardware level cloning must take that into consideration.  

If you do a bit-level copy then metadata in reserved blocks won't match serial numbers on the disks.  This can result in data corruption.  Just do it the right way,  bare metal backup, replace disks, build raidset, restore & adjust partitioning.   This has zero (effectively) risk of data loss, and gives you a chance to test out real-world disaster recovery.
DotFoilAuthor Commented:
So your saying I should install Acronis and clone (sector by sector) to USB drive? And then setup RAID1, and clone live disc (.tib on usb drive) to new RAID1?
I am partial to backing up over a 1GigE crossover cable (set MTU to 9000, and use static IP).  Then you'll get around 80 MB/sec.  USB and you'll probably get 1/10th that.  If you back up to a file on another host on a RAID subsystem, then you have added benefit of protection against drive failures.  

But you have to be careful and make sure that the software supports your raid controller, and read release notes on minimum firmware revisions, proper device drivers, and all of that.  Upgrade if necessary. Do a test recovery after you back up and make sure it sees everything (obviously hit cancel at the end).  Then put in new drives, build a RAID1, and do a restore for real, adjusting the target partitions to reflect the new sizes.

This is the safe way that doesn't put data at risk.
Acronis True Image (and probably Acronis Server 11) will almost certainly support your configuration.

They have excellent support, too. You could give them a buzz and inquire specifically about Acronis 11.

Doing a bare-metal restore as diethe suggests is another option, and you may want to consider making a full system disk image anyway with Wbadmin; it will offer a fail-safe in case you have trouble using Acronis' tools.
DotFoilAuthor Commented:
Backing up with Acronis Server 11 with default settings failed. I moved on to trying sector-by-sector, and even changed the vss setting and attempted no vss at all. None worked. I was trying to backup to a usb drive. I kept getting different fail errors, most stated failed to read source disk.

The server had two free hard drive connections. I installed the new hard drives and configured a raid 1 with the hp raid utility in windows. I then cloned the data using Acronis Server 11 boot disc with default settings. There were some errors, but said it was completed. I went under Windows and the new drives were E: and had the same size of data as C:.

I turned off the server and removed the original hard drives, but left the new hard drives situated in the same position. When I chose to boot it gave me the error of non-system disk, no boot devices found.

What else could I do? I removed Acronis 11 and started to download 10. I thought a different version might give me a different result.  I thought that I would first start by getting a clean backup to usb drive, setting the 300GB drives in the 1,2 position and recreating the raid1 and then cloning.

Any other thoughts?
You have to make the partition to boot from Active. You can probably use acronis to do that, but I don't know the product enough.

You can try Booting with your OS Install DVD and run a Repair, that should have an option to fix boot problems.

If that doesn't help, boot using the PartedMagic LiveCD, and then use the Partition Editor on that CD to set the "Active" flag on the partition you want to boot from. Provided the CD properly recognizes your RAID controller and only shows 1 HD and not the 2, it should work:

If the RAID controller isn't properly supported, you need a commercial product which boots to a WinPE environment, and here you can use the products from Paragon. Just make sure you select a server product:
DotFoilAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.
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