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We have collected positive reviews from our customers as they stop in the office.  We are trying to post these reviews to Google Reviews, but are not having any success in getting the reviews to stay visible.

Here is a link to an example google review website we want to post more reviews to:

Google Review Link

Our current method is to create a gmail account on behalf of our customer, then post the review using that gmail as a login/user name.  The reviews will appear for a while, then disappear. It seems as if Google is removing the reviews.  Perhaps they look fake -even though they are from our real customers!

We are having no problems on other review sites such as Yahoo local , Denver city search, Dexknows, ect Here is list of review sites that are working fine...

Any suggestions on how to get reviews to stick around on the Google review site?
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Also, Google does see the ip address behind the review being posted.  So if you are doing this on behalf of the customer, it screams FAKE as each review is coming from the same source.

You are doing two things wrong here.  First, when you create the gmail account "on behalf of the customer" you are impersonating that person and that's at best unethical.  Your intentions are good, but it's still not right.  The second issue I already noted above...the reviews look fake on an algorithmic level and I'm sure Google knows a thing or two about algorithms.  

Unfortunately, you can't do reviews this way.  Instead, you have to educate your customers to post their reviews of you by themselves, as themselves.  
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Are you posting the same reviews on all the review websites?
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