Problem with system.invalidoperationexception Win XP


I have a program written on a windows 7 machine with visual studio 2008 It runs fine on any windows 7 machine but I get a system.invalidoperationexception when I try to run it on a windows xp machine. i have tried a couple of xp machines and they both give me the same error. Is there a way to trap this error so I can get more info? It appears to be thrown before the main form loads.

Thanks Nick Steele
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Can you look at the details of the unhandled exception window and post?  Often you can determine the source of the error from that.  Do you have anything in your app that isn't .NET?  The .Net framework should equalize the OS so to speak.  Make sure the XP versions have a recent enough version of the framework for the version that you are targetting.

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nsteele84Author Commented:

I have attached a screenshot of the rror not sure if that helps. I will try to pin down the area of th eproblem. Error Screenshot
nsteele84Author Commented:
Still dont know what caused the problem. I traced it down to the main form which I believe someshow had become corrupted. I created a new main form with all th eold controls and it now works.
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