Office Professional 2010 won't install on Win 7 - 64bit

I have tried more times than I care to admit, and pretty much everything I can think of, to install MS Office Professional 2010 on a Windows 7, 64bit system.  I am getting a consistent error message that reads

Error 2902. An internal error has occurred.  (ixoShortcutPropertyCreate     )
Contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance.  For information about how to contact PSS, see

When I go to this folder there is a file with a link to Microsoft Support for Activation Problems.  I have drilled down fairly deep in the MS Knowledge Base and just can't seem to find an answer to resolve this issue.

I'm experiencing this issue on two separate computers, a Dell M4500 - Win 7 64bit, and a HP8500 - Win 7 64bit.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Is the Win7 machine fully patched?

Is the Office Installation original off disk or do you have updates and msps installing as well? Like SP1 etc...
Have you tried updating the MS Installer?
And if you haven't been here yet, your error message references MS Installer as it relates to 32 assemblies.
ftpetersAuthor Commented:
The app I'm trying to install is original from disk. No other services or software is being installed.
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ftpetersAuthor Commented:
The link provided for updating the Win Installer only refers to Win XP, Service Pack 2 through Win Server 2008 Service 64bit.  The Win 7 Solution Center link on this page provided information about checking the Win Installer, restarting, and setting to Automatic but no update.

Still having no success.  Please keep the comments coming.  Thanks for your help.
Uninstall your security software ...reboot and then try install office.

ftpetersAuthor Commented:
I am using Norton 360 for security.  I did uninstall and reboot for installation with no success.
After uninstalling norton try running subinacl.

First install subinacl.

Then download the script reset.cmd.txt ..rename it to reset.cmd.!533

Now right click on the reset.cmd and run it as administrator....after the reset..reboot computer and then try installing office 2010

ftpetersAuthor Commented:
OK ... did everything suggest so far.

I am running the setup for Office Professional 2010 as administrator. Selecting customize and "run all programs from computer". The installation starts and seems very normal. At about 75% the status bar freezes and then after a few minutes it jumps back to about 60%. Then after another minute or so a message that the installer is rolling back changes. Then the screen with the error message described in the original post appears.  The other message that I've gotten on occasion is "The program has encountered an error on setup."

I'm open to any suggestion.  This all just doesn't seem possible.
Check the windows logs and the installer logs, possibly in yourid\LocalSsettings\Temp, for clues
Go to %Temp% and upload the office 2010 log file the log file first and then upload it.

ftpetersAuthor Commented:
Here is the Setup log for three attempts at installing the Office Professional 2010 software.
Log points to SetSupportErrorTextRetail

Found this article

HKLM\Software\Microsoft/Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Installer Location value. This value should contain the location of the Windows Installer application files (MSI.DLL among others) and normally points to C:\Windows\System32.


The problem might be caused due to incorrect path in the registry or  traces of legacy office products.

ftpetersAuthor Commented:
OK ... determined that the error code 2902 (ixoShortcutPropertyCreate) is a permission issue in Win 7.

The resolution was to go to C:/programdata/microsoft/windows/start menu/programs/microsoft office and right click, select properties, security tab, and check ownership of this folder and sub folders and ad ownership rights for system, administrator, administrators, users, full control for each. In my case I had to use Advanced button of the Microsoft Office Properties for this folder, select the Change Permissions button, select the desired user (i.e. Administrator, SYSTEM, Users, etc.) and then select the two check boxes at the bottom to "Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent" and "Replace all child object permissions with the inheritable permissions from this object", select OK, select OK, and then finally select OK to close the properties for the Microsoft Office folder.

Once these permissions were granted I was able to successfully install the software without any problem.

I hope all this will help someone else who may experience the same problem.

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Subinacl reset security settings to defaults .....should have resolved all security(permission) issues if executed properly.

You can close this question if further help is not req.

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