Unable to move emails to inbox folders Outlook 2007

Exchange and Outlook 2007 - Terminal server 2003 x64

A (new) client has a very extensive stack of folders stored in his inbox. He was pushing about 11GB but after some clearing out he has reduced this to around 7 (We have created an archive mailbox but client is reluctant to move large amounts over at the moment, we're looking to move to 2010 exchange soon so as it's inside the 10GB we can look at the archive then).

Note - We cant use cached mode due to the setup.

Error received when trying to file to folders:

"Can't move the items. The item could not be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied."

Shrinking the size has sorted all the existing folders so we can again move mail about - But!.. now it errors only when you file to a new folder (doesn't start working after a while, I just mean folders created after a certain point in time).

We are also seeing a few folders showing empty!  The Database he is on does not have a Search index - I've been focusing on that but as we're low on drive space on C I'm unable to move the mailbox (fills up and dismounts, I can only clear so many transaction logs but not enough to get it moved).

Oh and it's the company director!! Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
its possible that ost created maybe corrupted did you try to remove outlook profile and create new one then try to move?
phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Sorry should have said, I have recently created a new profile to open the box using full access perms to avoid disturbing the user. Thanks for the quick response :  )

I have backed up to PST and I am able to file in that if I open it in the client so cached mode would do it : (
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
sorry i did not understand the last paragraph you said , you backed it up to pst , then ? is the client now able to move items?
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phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Sorry - if I open the backup PST like a personal folder in Outlook I can create new folders and move mail.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
if so then possible that there is corruption in mailbox ,  so try to repair database .. look here :


other easy solution if you don't want to work with database you can backup whole mailbox to pst then delete mailbox , re-create it again then restore pst to new mailbox (import).

but its recommended to check your database

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phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Thanks - we we're considering creating a new Mailbox on the main Database and then importing.

From past experience (diff client) we did loose pending calender invites (they errored when accepted) and the NK2 files played up a bit, users had to key the address (not use cached) on first email after the import besides that it's been fine (with that one the issue was tasks didn't work after a mailbox move).

With the database repair - I've put it off just concerned about damage in the app lvl that could occur - we do need him on the new Database so search will work as well though  - so that looks like my two options - Thanks for your help.
I'd make a new database (not on C:) and do an Exchange mailbox move to the new database... chances are there's corruption in that part of the source DB, and the move will leave the corruption (at least for this mailbox) behind.

I agree with the others though, a ESEUTIL is in your future!
phillipnorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, as always your help is much appreciated guys. I'm going for a new Mailbox then import as we're moving to that Database anyway. Client is happy with the small side effect's i detailed earlier.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
wow , glade and happy to hear that problem been solved ,we are here to help you ..


Maen Abu-Tabanjeh
Amman - Jordan
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