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Loopback Vyatta

Hello experts,

I have a Vyattat wich i have installet pretty much out of the box.

My Vyatta inside interface:
Vyatta Outside interface:  "my external IP"

I have created a DNS record that points server.mydomain.com to my external IP.
On Vyatta i have a nat rule that forwards port 80 to my internal webserver.

I cannot reach my webserver from LAN, using my server.mydomain.com or, "my external IP adress"
Is it any way I can enable Loopback or some in my Vyatta router to be able to use my external ip from inside(LAN) to enter my website on the local webserver?

Other information:
If I type my webservers internal IP from INSIDE(lan) into the web browser, it works fine.
If I type in my external IP from OUTSIDE, it works fine.
If i type in in "server.mydomain.com" from OUTSIDE, it works fine.

I hope I was able to express my problem properly. Thanks!

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1 Solution

I had the same problem the easiest way is to create local dns entries for your local domains pointing to the internal IP of your webserver.  Please see the question below


hope this helps
Well... Vyatta is Linux, so you can install DNS in Vyatta and attach internal IP to name of webserver.
Thomas-NorwayAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  That solved my issue.  But is there any way to enable loopback in Vyatta?  I have had som cheap linksys routers supporting loopback

Please see the last post of following thread for good explanation on Nat settings involved , most people including me use some internal dns records as a workaround. This also explains why it doesn't work out of the box like a linksys for example.

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