Looking for the best solution - clients connecting to server

This is a very general question, but here's the situation:

We are deploying a solution into one of our warehouses, where every computer will have a 'terminal', with a touchscreen, that they will be able to pull work orders and such up on.

We have a development team getting the software part together, but i need to plan the hardware.  

Basically - 25 terminals (machines) that are going to ONLY need to run a web-browser (the application is web-based), with the ability to open Adobe documents.  So internet explorer (or chrome) and adobe reader.

I'd thought about deploying physical computers out there - Dell Desktops, i'd thought about putting wireless thin-client terminals there that connect to a server, etc... just can't come up with the best solution.

Whatever we come up with, a large factor is going to be PRICE.  I don't want each terminal to cost $1200.00... there's got to be a way to do it cheaper.  I'm not opposed to using refurbished parts, etc.

The computer/terminal needs to have a touchscreen, and be able to join the domain (that, or in the case of a thin-client device, then obviously the server it connects to will be a member of the domain).  Also they NEED to connect WIRELESSLY.

Open to ideas.
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Your solution can be Cheap, Fast, or Good.... but you can only pick two options into your solution.

If you need to join a domain, and validate active directory, then your solution is not a web based solution. I wouldnt know why you need to join the domain unless you need access to a network drive or need validation.

If the client is truley a web client, you should just need wireless access points, and an ipad would do. but something else is making you need the domain access. What I recommend is to contact your vendor providing this warehouse\wms\erp solution software and ask what they recommend. If they suggest a model that is $1200.00 each, then plan to invest on it. Cutting corners, and finding other models that dont do the job right, are not robust for a warehouse environment, or simply dont have the speed to run your desired app may cost you more in productivity in the long run.

Good luck.
What about a windows tablet type device?
If you are going for cheap, then save money on the os and use linux ubuntu, its more than capable of basic web browsing and pdf access, will take a day to learn to setup with a windows fileshares.
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Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
To answer some questions -

We need domain authentication, because while the solution is web-client based (hosted internally), it's hosted on an internal SQL server, so the client needs to authenticate to the webserver.  Also, the drawings that would be opened in Adobe will be on network shares on the internal domain.

The development staff are in-house.  We are not outsourcing it.

When i said 'web-based', i should have been more clear - it's hosted internally, but accessed through a web-BROWSER.

Our developers just told us (IT) that the hardware platform we provide has to be:
1) wireless
2) able to have a touchscreen
3) authenticate with the domain (opening adobe documents and authentication to the SQL server)
4) able to open a web-browser (Chrome or IE)
5) able to open Adobe
Further to my comment earlier quick Google shows there are Windows Tablet devices out there that are sub $1000.

Trying to make another OS connect to a windows Domain will lead to problems best to stick to a Microsoft product if you can.

I pad and Android are great devices but are more consumer focused and as such do not like working in a Domain type network.

With a quick Google I found Acer and Gigabyte Tablets ranging from $715 to $950 you would obviously need to PRO version of the OS
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
With the harsh environment of a warehouse, I would prefer to not have a tablet out there.  Also a tablet has the risk of being stolen.

I agree it would definitely be a Microsoft product (or a device that connects to a microsoft RDP server)

Also would like the cost per device to be well under $1000.  If i can get to $450-$600 that would be best.
I think you will struggle but best of luck with it.

Sounds like you work for a similar organisation to me they want a Rolls Royce for the price of a family car.
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
I don't know; i really don't think it's going to be too hard to accomplish, just want someone to point me in the right direction.  
Umm, go back and talk to your IT guys...  Password verification doesn't happen in the web browser, that happens at the web server.  The web server is the only thing that needs to be in the domain.  
The only thing that happens at the web browser is password *input*.

It's not clear from your comments above, but the only reason your endpoint systems would need domain authentication is if they're planning on mounting those file shares directly.

If you can convince your IT guys to *serve* the pdf files through the web server, then you can eliminate the complexity in the client (they won't need to be in the domain)... and at that point all you need in the warehouse is a Samsung Galaxy Tab (locked down).

Everyone has great points. The pricepoint you are seeking is an unrealistic option. A tablet PC is your best bet, for the cost and meeting your requirements. Irzagar point above is right on, if you can host your solution thru the cloud, that would be a more cost effective solution (thus elminiating the need for the domain). good luck on your search.
Unless I am missing something, a basic PC plus a touchscreen monitor plus a wireless adapter should meet your needs.  The most expensive component after the PC is the touchscreen monitor, and you can buy expensive or modest.  The budget of under $1000 seems doable, with a PC from Dell for about $500-$600.

If you have to factor in costs of any servers, then this will be higher.

Touchscreen monitors:

Wireless adapters:
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
jrzagar - have you ever worked with IIS?  It authenticates users based on their AD credentials by default.  So yes... the users would have to log into the domain, otherwise every time they pull up one of the internally hosted web applications, theyd be prompted for a username/password.
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
For future, we ended up going with an HP thin client (model#:  T5570).

It runs IE 7, we installed Silverlight and Foxit PDF reader, joins the domain, and everything else we need.

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Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
This was the solution in the end
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