Passing a value in a URL to a custom list to filter

I have a custom sp 2007 list that has records by a value called "job ID".  I am trying to find a way to pass that in a url so that when the list display execute that only the records with the selected job ID will show.

Matt PinkstonAsked:
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Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
actually I figured a slicker way which was easy

Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Can you show what you have already?


Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
I just created a list called assignments that has the following fields.
Job ID
Employee Name
Employee ID

From my other custom list that has Job ID as a value I would like to build a link on one of the custom pages that points at assignments via assignments.aspx?job%20ID=xxx but not sure how to ensure that passing that value will make the list then only show the records that match the job ID.
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Using SharePoint Designer, you can create a dataview webpart that has a parameter of type Query String URL, whereby the variable is passed into the page via the URL, plucked out by the DVWP and used as the filter.

See for details.

Depending on what version of SharePoint you have, you might have some solutions already available!  See Laura's post above.
Matt PinkstonAuthor Commented:
found this solution doing further research on other sites plus trial and error
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