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I recently got Solarwinds Netflow up and running monitoring 3 of our Main Routers from different sites.  I noticed a large slice of the top applications showed up as "Unmonitored" traffic.  Upon drilling down to what this traffic is, I noticed several of the following:

Polestar (port 1060)
de-noc (port 1254)
Murray (port 1123)
BVT Sonar Service (port 1149)

I'm unable to find any decent information about these googling around.  Can anyone explain to me what these are, what uses them, and if they are something to be concerned about?

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More than likely they are nothing to worry about.  Those are the service names that are associated/registered for those ports.

The problem is that all of those ports are greater that 1023.  Port numbers 1-1023 are normally used as the port server services listen on.  These are called the well known ports.

Ports 1024 and above are generally used by clients to connect to servers and are assigned when the client software (like a web browser) opens connection.   These are called the high ports.

Originally server services were only supposed to use ports 1-1023 to listen on.  However there fairly quickly people came up with more that 1023 services to use and so high ports started to get assigned.

The problem you have is that for some protocols there are two connections, a "command control" connection and a "data service" connection.  Say like passive FTP transfers.  So when you have a protocol, like ftp, both ends will have randomly assigned "high ports."  Which could be any port number, which could match a high port and thus LOOK like a service that is defined.

My guess is that you don't have servers running these services, that you have a function, like ftp, were both sides open up random high ports.

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