Practising IBM AIX


I looking for a virtual IBM AIX box where in i can connect and  practice please let me know if any one is offering that kind of setup

Do not again tell me about they just give the shell not the root access

i need Virtual IBM AIX box with root access.

Thank You
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Second answer first: No, you can't run AIX on VirtualBox!
VirtualBox is for x86 architecture exclusively, and AIX does not run on that
kind of processors. AIX is limited to POWER type (RS/6000, pSeries, System p, Power systems) processors.

You can get (payable) AIX hosting services from Connectria:

There is the IBM Virtual Loaner program:

It's free of charge for IBM PartnerWorld® members (business Partners)

Next, there is the IBM Power Cloud from Logicalis:

IBM has payable Virtual Hosting Services, of course:

I think this should give you a start.


schelakoAuthor Commented:
OR let me know is there way i can install IBM AIX on Virtual box
If you download 64Bit Centos (Free RedHat) and choose the Virtual option when you install it acts as a virtual host offering two hypervisor layers one called zen and one I can't remember the second one offers emulation of a PPC (power PC) CPU architecture. Which whould enable you to load up AIX onto that VM.

I shall try it soon since if it works it means you CAN run AIX on a standard PC.

Bearing in mind there are so many RPM packages written for Redhat running on AIX PPC architecture it makes sense they would want to test them.

I was unable to live without the bash shell to start with and then getting things like Apache working have caused me to become very familiar with 3rd party RPMS then seeing how well you can mess up AIX once you mangle the ODM database (equivilant of Windows Registry) has taught me a lot (which I could have learn't with a play box if I had had one).
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It's not possible to install AIX on other than System P HW. I think to learn AIX you would probably need access to one.  You could check VLP free for IBM member,

The Virtual Loaner Program (VLP) offers no-charge remote access to IBM hardware, including IBM POWER7, IBM POWER6 and IBM POWER5 processor-based servers on IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems.

You could start by learning Linux, since Linux is a UNIX-like operating system, 

Check PearPC project:  but don't expect much.

Keep this link as reference for AIX commands
schelakoAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much
I would suggest . There you can configure your own LPAR from web interface in minutes. That means will you have full control over the LPAR and of course- root access.
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