URGENT - Acronis Adavanced Backup & Recovery 10 upgrade/consolidation options

I have a client with three physical servers, each server has Adavanced Backup & Recovery 10 installed. We need to consolidate and maybe upgrade. We will have a management server where we could installed Acronis "console"  to backup via an agent the three other servers so they are managed centrally. I'm not that familiar with the solutions so would need some help. Can we upgrade to 11, install one on just the mgmt server and then deploy agents to the other servers? What products do I need to buy?

Thank you
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shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Seems like licensing issues are associated with your question
Commenting on such a scenario might go against the licensing policy of Acronis
Its recommended that you contact the acronis support for the perfect solution.
I'm not that familiar with the Acronis backup line, but they seem to have a wizard where you can specify your criteria and it will tell you what the best solution is.  Click on "presales questions:"


They also offer a Live Chat service for presales questions:


Hope it helps.
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