XP / Win7 dual boot, cannot save MBR on Acronis restore

3 drives, XP already installed on drive 0. Partitioned drive 0 and moved XP partition to end of drive. Booted into XP and backed up XP installation w/Acronis 20012 to folder on drive 1. installed Win7 on drive 0 on partition at beginning of drive.

All works, can boot Win7 and XP. Multi boot menu present, can chose either OS. Boot into Win7, backed up Win7 installation w/Acronis 20012 to folder in drive 1. Xp installation became corrupt, restored it w/Acronis (with MBR option checked).

Cannot get Win7 multi boot option to show up even after restoring Win7 onto the drive (with MBR option checked). Win7 installation is present, cannot get it to show.

Backed it up with EasyBCD 2.1.2 (i think i did it right). After starting XP, cannot restore Win7 boot loader.

I want to back up MBR/boot loader for both XP and Win7 so i can repair either partition from within Acronis, and then just restore the dual boot menu, since Acronis cannot seem to do it for me.

help, please? Thx!!
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you can download acronis mbr recovery tool from here
Login101Author Commented:
I have Disk Director, but somehow i'm unable to back up the MBR for XP or Win 7
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Paragon Backup & Recovery Free has MBR backup option.
Login101Author Commented:
Little tweaking, but yep, the Acronis did it. I used Paragon's crash to move in the right direction as far as the partitions, but in the end Acronis did it, and i was able to restore the backups i already had.

it worked.

thanks a bunch!!
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