Printer Drivers (PCL5, PCL6 or Post Script)

Hello and thank you for your time and expertise.

We have a new server 2008 r2 (25 users).
The server will be a print server amongst other things.
The site has many network printers. It's a 50/50 mix of HP and Dell and one large Kyocera.

My question is. What drivers should I be installing PCL5, PCL6 or Post Script.
I'm leaning towards either PCL5 or PCL6.
The workstations are a mix of Vista Biz x86 and Win7 Pro x64

What is the difference between using one vs. other?

Many thanks in advance.

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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Current versions of office I'd go pcl6, I you har 03 and xp on your network then pcl5 is safer
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
If you are running any Citrix as published Applications, you will want PCL4 (if memory serves)..  I would have to assume these would be similar for VMWare, RDP, etc.


Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
My rule is this: postscript is adobe, so if you have a bunch of photoshoppy, in design, etc... People then use that. If you are an all ms office place, go pcl. We are a good mix and I went postscript and everything is happy both pc and Mac, ms and adobe.
loshdogAuthor Commented:
Hello all and thank you for your responses.

The environment is MS (No citrix or VM. Very little RDP.  There is a mix of 64bit and 32 bit Windows OS's. Not sure if this makes a difference or not.
I agree with the PCL route. But which should I go with? PCL5 or PCL6?
In the past I went w/ PCL5. That's was what my mentros went with. I never questioned and just went with it.

Thank you again.

loshdogAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I will go with PCL6 since there are no 03' or XP' machines in the environment.

Thank you again and happy new year...
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