Newbie mac questions 2 / hibernation mode

I will have a few more related quick questions to add to this, but is there a way of hibernating a mac like on a PC, such that it actually stores all open sessions on the hard drive and shuts down rather than goes into sleep or standby?
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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
No. OS X does not employ hibernation. However, OS X Lion will reopen all previous windows on startup.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
To elaborate.

OS X sleep also employs "safe sleep" which is like Windows hybrid mode. So if power is lost while sleeping the current state is saved to a hibernation file.
abdb469Author Commented:
But does that extend to for example saving all firefox tabs (I know FF has it's own session store but assuming I didn't use it) or for any other browser for that matter?  How abt open and unsaved docs?
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abdb469Author Commented:
2. When deleting or removing apps on a mac, I understand there is no "uninstall" option like in Windows XP.  So I just drag the app to the trash and thats it?  What about moving any associated files that might be copied somewhere else?

3. I cant get the Pound Sterling key by pressing Shift and 3 on my mac.  Have to use Alt and 3.  Small thing but an irritant as I switch between a windows pc and mac. Anyway of forcing it to make a symbol using the shift key?

4. [very important] - I have my windows pc and my mac right next to each other.  The mac is connected to the network router via ethernet cable and the PC connected to the router wirelessly.  I want to transfer files between the two, namely PC to mac, over 100gb, but wiresslessly will take forever and will crash as it has done before for some file transfer problem.  How can I transfer it via a short ethernet cable between the two computers - ie step by step instructions

2. You can use a third party app such as Appzapper.
3. PopChar is very powerful. Sounds like more than you need for $30. Try this instead:
4. Step by step instructions for this have been done many times, but they would vary to some degree depending on the exact ver of Windows and the Mac OS.

It will gennerally involve connecting the Ethernet cable so that you are (hopefully) at T1000, but at least at T100 ethernet speed. You may want to want to buy a small T1000 switch, (cause your wifi router is probably at T100).

From there, you turn on filesharing on the Mac side, but go into the advanced settings to turn on the PC protocols (SMB, I believe). From there you should be able to find the share from your PC.

Gooogle something like: Win 7 Mac file share" to get something like:
abdb469Author Commented:
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