kill exchange backup process

Curretnly my exchange 2010MB databases  is being baked up with Windows Server Backup software.
Can I kill the process and what will be the effect - is this safe operation and what I have to expect, can my databases become corrupt or any other problems
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Glen KnightCommented:
The backup uses VSS to perform the backup and therefore doesn't open the live database. There is no possibility of corruption from killing the process.

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You should always have to have a good backup, otherwise if any disaster or database corruption happens, we have to restore from the good backup.

Lets say if the databases are corrupted and if you dont have backups, you have to reapir the database, this will take very long time and there is no guarantee on getting the whole data back.

Its better and safe to have a good backup copy always.
Just to answer your question, it wont effect anything to your databases, you can kill the backup process.
Glen KnightCommented:
dreamraghu, you have now posted 2 contradictory comments, if you are not sure what the answer is and are purely guessing then please refrain from posting.
It's not helpful and can be damaging to the person asking the questions.
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