Why does my blackberry not receive e-mails from the BES server ?

Hello Experts,

We recently added a device to our BES  and for some reason it is not receiving incoming e-mail but it is able to send out. On top of that any e-mails sent from outlook for that user also shows up on the blackberry but just without any internal content.

We would appreciate any recommended troubleshooting steps.
We have full access to the Blackberry Enterprise server and there is other users on there currently synchronizing with no issues.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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have you checked if folder redirection is Set to include inbox.also make sure that firewall is not enabled on messages.

Resend the service nil from the server for the device.once done do a battery pull and then check if emails show on the device or mor
This sounds like the services did not get setup and copied down correctly.
Delete the user on the BES box.  
Wipe the handheld (an option in options / device security I think)
Then add them back in and see if that helps.
assuming ur using exchange

if the outlook client is set to deliver mail to a personal folder (pst file) rather than just leave the mail in the mailbox, they are deleted from exchange at the same time and will not end up on the blackberry.

you can tell in the outlook client because the first item listed in the list of folders will be Mailbox or the Personal Folders, whatever is set
kings-wongAuthor Commented:
Hello junaidIT ,

We found that she did have her firewall turned on.
Thanks a lot for the information.
We re-synchronized and confirmed she is getting all her e-mails.

Thanks a lot.
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