VRF trunk configuration

We have taken a MPLS VPN connection from ISP ,for Data & Voice over a single libk, My ISP has asked me to configure my router as a trunk port, for VRF conf.
vrf 4
vlan 104-DATA My side - side

vlan 142-VOICE - - ISP side.

KIndly guide how to configure.
My router is -2851, and supports vrf configuration as per my L4 team.

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Something like this:

ip vrf DATA
 rd 4:1 (verify what rd tag is required)

ip vrf VOICE
 rd 5:1 (verify what rd tag is required)

interface Vlan104
 ip vrf forwarding DATA
 ip address

interface Vlan105
 ip vrf forwarding VOICE
 ip address

I don't know what if any routing you require for this, or what routing protocol you are using. Remember that each VRF is in its own routing table. There are ways to make routes "leak" from a VRF into the global table and vice versa. IGPs have to be placed into a VRF also, and BGP can support multiple VRFs, each with their own table.
I have worked for ISP..Normally ISP dont ask VRF at CE router.

Please ask exact config they are asking for.
may be they are asking for simple trunk link ..

Right, but you also need to configure the trunk between devices for a layer3 switch and/or configure subinterfaces on a router to terminate the dot1q trunk.

example L3:

int g0/1
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport trunk native vlan 105 native  -set voice vlan as native this will not not tag that vlan
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 104,105

example Router

int g0/1.104
description DATA
ip address <enter_IP_here>
encapsulation dot1q 104

int g0/1.105
description voice
ip address <enter_IP_here>
encapsulation dot1q 105 native

harbor235 ;}
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