Exchange Server Resetting Full Mailboxes

When I have had to increase the limits on an (SBS 2008) Exchange Server mailbox because the user has ignored the warning messages and let their mailbox exceed its maximum size it seems to take some time before the new increased limits take effect. I have in the past resorted to stopping and restarting the Information Store service but I do not like doing this during the day when users are using the system. Is there any way of making the changes take effect immediatly after they have been changed ? Also it would be helpful to know a bit more about the ES processes that cause this delay. I am guessing that it is some scheduled maintenance that it run daily.


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Jessie Gill, CISSPTechnical ArchitectCommented:

This happens cause of caching usually takes 2 hours for the client to take new setting. Read below article for fix
Simon BallCommented:
wrong zone i think.
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