Backup Exec option "Retension media before backup"

"Backup Job Properties" > Destination [Device ]
there is option followings
[Retension media before backup]

Does this option give the difference of job result ?

For example,

Tape device 800GB,
Data 500GB,
In this case,

if unchecked this option, [Retension media before backup]
the backupexec automatically rewind the tape? and Job complete ?
Job fail ?

I think first time is no problem
I want to know the result of second time.
the tape is rewinded automatically ?
need to check this option ?


the option exsit to take care of this kind of issue ?
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David WallCommented:
A retension operation will run the tape in the tape drive from the beginning to the end at high speed, so  that the tape winds evenly and runs more smoothly past the drive heads. Retensioning is necessary for mini-cartridge and quarter-inch cartridge media but not for most other types of media

As above - it spools the tape out and back in again (or from reel to reel in the little casette type tapes.
This has not really been needed in the last 10 years or so so is pretty much redundant now - but kept in there for people with OLD tape drives.

(No points for this please - just adding to the already correct answer above so award to him/her)
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