New building - what cable should we implement with?

We are planning for a new building and I want to put in a request for our preferred cabling.  I want to choose a cable type that will future proof us.

Can anyone tell me what cable we should install into the new building?  And any other advice would be welcome.

A little about us:

We are a manufacturing company with 250 employees with 40 PC users
5 Windows servers
All on the same subnet
1 ADSL line - 40Mbits
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You should use RJ45 CAT5E or CAT6 cables!
resolver1Author Commented:
whats your thoughts on category 7 cables?
I would recommend CAT5E (not CAT5 small e).
If it is a very noisy electrical environment, then maybe CAT6 is justified.

CAT5E supports 1 Gbit / second very well.

CAT6 doesn't support 10 Gbit, CAT6a does.  The cost of CAT6a over CAT5E is just not justifiable.

I know of no Ethernet applications that CAT7 supports.  When 100 Gbit networking comes out, it will probably need a new cable.
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You should be ok with cat5E or cat6.
resolver1Author Commented:
Thanks for your replies guys.  is there a difference in network equipment's (i.e.. switch)for cat5E and CAT6?

No difference in switches or other network devices.

I have heard that it is good to stick with a single cabling system.  If you are using CAT6 cabling, also use CAT6 patch cords.
resolver1Author Commented:
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