Comparison of a custom build and an HP. Which would you choose?

hey guys

I'm about to get myself a new PC. I need it so that I can run vmware and some Vm's etc but also so that I could do my music composition on it (i.e music production software and software sound modules), watch dvds etc. So it needs to be able to handle what's thrown at it.

I was going to either build one like I usually do or get an HP one. Both have similar specs, however the custom build has got better components and greater horsepower on the PSU.

Which would you choose out of this:

And this: 

Bear in mind the HP has a 450W PSU.

Would love to hear what you guys think.

Thanks a lot
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I would choose the HP. It has more under the hood, bigger hard drive, larger GRFX and double the RAM. The only real difference is the OS however both versions are OEM license.

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YashyAuthor Commented:
The ram is 2 x (2 x2gb), so that would be the same. However, if I bought the HP, do you think i would still be able to take the PSU out and replace it with a better one like with Corsair?
Look under the tag for PSU upgrade info - yes, you can put a bigger PSU into it, amount other things. Just be aware that to many hardware changes will void the OEM license of Windows. If you really wanted to get something nice then go with the home build but shell out the extra dish for a FPP windows license instead of OEM. This way you can upgrade the hardware to your hearts content without worrying about voiding the Windows license.
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