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Hi folks,
We are running exchange 2003.  So I got this issue that is driving me a bit crazy.  Email server is running, OWA is also running.  Yet for some reason i see these in the event log on the OWA

HTTP status code: [500]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.

The logs on the exchange box are clean.

I cant find were the problem is, any ideas were to start looking?
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Did you ever  have another OMA virtual directory?  is everything working as it should..meaning you cann connect to OWA, outlook is working internally, etc?

If things are running normally and you're just worried about the error there probably was or is another virtual directory in IIS.  Check out this article...

Is it the Event ID: 3005. Please paste the complete the Log here to have a look.
Hopefully, it can be related to the Antivirus.
If you have an Antivirus, set the exclusions for Exchange and IIS Files.
Please go through the articles for your reference:
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