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I have a client who has been storing their files locally on each of their workstations and backing up to attached USB drives. They want to move these files to a central file server on their network (four users) for shared access and a central point of storage/backups. I don't deal with AutoCAD often, but I recall there being some compatibility issues with Linux SMB sharing and slow file access times with AutoCAD. I wanted to check and see if this is still the case since many of the NAS units that fall into their price range are Linux based. Sorry for such basic questions, but I've been searching and not found much info. Maybe that means there isn't an issue? :)


- Do AutoCAD 2012 file access speeds suffer if the remote share is a non-Windows file share, or is this an old problem that's been resolved?


- Any other thoughts, suggestions, or gotchas regarding AC2012 file access from a NAS?


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silverkornConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I personally have not dealt first hand with using AutoCAD through a NAS device but I think the issues you had previously experienced were more issues of compatibility between the version of Linux and Windows attempting to negotiate the file/folder shares.

When shopping for a NAS I would suggest finding one that was deemed compatible for use with different versions of Windows, more specifically Windows 7. I would also suggest making sure it has a Gigabit ethernet connection for the future, not sure if the client is already utilizing a gigabit network.

As for AutoCAD, it doesn't care where the files are physically located as long as it has access and permission to read, write, and execute.
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