Microsoft Project -- what kind of field "rolls up" your budget

I am just getting my feet wet in microsoft project.  Entered my work items, and broke them down into subtasks by using the indent button, and that gave me the nice collapsing/outlining feature.  I wanted to use this to also enter my projected $ effort for each subtask, so I created a column "Baseline Cost" type.  I entered the dollar amounts in for each subtask, and was hoping they would be summed and rolled up into the parent tasks.  This didn't happen, so should I (a) total up the dollar amounts and enter them into the "Baseline Cost" field of the parent tasks, or is there a different type of column I should use (there are lots of choices!) in order to achieve the desired effect.

Thanks very much.
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-You have to insert a custom column. Click any of the existing header cell where you want to insert the budget column.
-Then click RMB (Right mouse Button) and select "Insert Column" from the options displayed.
-In the "column definition" dialog, Select "cost1" (or cost 1/2..../9) field from the dropdown.
-Suggest a suitable title i.e. "Budget" or "Cost" and then Click OK. A new column will be added.
-Then select the column you just added by clicking in the header cell.
-Then click RMB (Right mouse Button) and select "Customize Field" from the options displayed.
-In the "Customize Field" dialog, select the filed that you have just added (i.e. cost1 or 2/3/.../9)
-In the caluculation for task and group summary row option, enable the "Rollup" radio button and then in the dropdown next to it, select "sum" and click okay.

You project is setup. Add cost values for the child tasks and see that they'd be summed up in the parent task.

I've used an older version of Project, in a newer version, steps should be similar.

Please let me know if it works for you.
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