Running Java Class Within VB.NET

I'm not very familar with Java and have a need to run a class passing parameters from within Visual Basic.NET 2010.

The class that needs to be run is "resources.schedulerjobs.AutoPrescriptionMonitorJob". A few of the parmeters that need to be passed are things like BEGINDATE. ENDDATE and XMLPATH.

Is there a way to do this?
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for_yanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can run java in the same way as any external command:

using the command

java resources.schedulerjobs.AutoPrescriptionMonitorJob  01-06-2012 01-07-2012 c:\path_to_file

witrh the she'll or start process command

You need to make sure that java is installed on your machine and then either to be sure that
the CLASSPATH vvariable is pointing to your classses or specify
-cp ....

and paths to all your lcasses and jars afte -cp on the command likne
which you put on your lain

-cp ...

should conmme before your class which you want to execute
vbplayerAuthor Commented:
Ok. I found the CLASSPATH that JAVA would be using, see below. The next question is about the parameters. The java program is expecting named parameters in no special order. example: BEGINDATE=01/01/2011, ENDDATE=01/31/2011, XMLPATH=C:\SOMPLACE. In the example you gave me above you just supplied the parameter data. Would I need to actually code it like 'BEGINDATE=01/01/2011' to pass the whole parameter to JAVA?

CLASSPATH: medispan.wkconfig.xml;medispan.dib.wkconfig.xml;medispan.wkconfig.x
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Use the Process class to launch the Java executable, and pass that executable the appropriate parameters:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("java.exe", "resources.schedulerjobs.AutoPrescriptionMonitorJob BEGINDATE ENDDATE XMLPATH")

Open in new window

If java is reading the whole line BEGINDATE=01/01/2011 just put it this way on the command line
If there were embedded spaces you would need the quotes around parameter, but with equal sign it should be OK

I suggest that you first open cmd window and try to execute your java code from the cmd command line - then
use the way itworks to provide the line in the VB.NET code
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