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Currently, we use GFI Max (Hound Dog).

I really like the product, however we have to run through a reseller, who is really annoying me now and I want to move away. I have spoken with GFI if we are able to have it supplied by them, however its not possible.

I need to produce reports for the Partners of the business, showing that backups have been running well, disk usage, uptime, av status etc, whilst having alerts of potential issues sent to me. I really want something hosted outside of our network, so I can still get SMS alerts if there was faults with routers, core switches, or simply the mail ADSL line goes down. GFI alerts me by text saying data not recieved.

Anyone have recommendations.


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Depending on your needs, both nagios and xymon are open source alternatives that run on linux and can monitor both windows and linux machines.
I like xymon because it is simpler to set up and I think easier to write your own scripts, but nagios  has a huge support base.

In either case you will need to put some effort into tweaking it to fit exactly what you need.

I hope this helps !
GFI put me in touch with a different reseller and I am now much happier.



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