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Good afternoon!

I am using the select expert to select records for a report.  Technically there are 4 user-defined selection options BUT, I can narrow this down if I can use the same parameter for multiple fields.

For example:

Solicitor Name and Proposal Solicitor Name (both separate fields) must be the same, instead of asking the user twice to enter the name, is there a way to have it ask once and then apply that answer to the other parameter?  (eg. enter solicitor name and automatically use that entry for the Proposal Solicitor Name?).

Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated!


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GJParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just create seperate rules using the select expert and set them both to equal to ?Param. If you want to add this to the selection formula manually it would be something like

{table.solicitor_name} = {?Param} and
{table.proposal_solicitor_name} = {?Param}

rporter45Author Commented:
Hi there,

Thank you for the quick response - I have to set this up for 6 parameters and will test it out shortly,

rporter45Author Commented:
Works perfectly!

Thank you very much for the help,

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