Backing up Exchange 2003

I am going to do an offline defrag on our Exchange database.  Before I do that I will be performing a backup.  I want to leave the information store mounted so the logs are purged during the backup but I want to block any activity during this time in case a recovery is necessary.

Should I stop one or more of the services or are the logs not important and I should dismount the store before the backup?
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What exactly do you mean by "block activity"?  Do you want to prevent new SMTP (Internet) mail from being sent or recieved?  If so, stop the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, no new inbound mail will be delivered (it will queue up on sending servers until the SMTP service is started again for up to three days), and no outbound SMTP messages will be sent.  If your looking to prevent your users from accessing the Exchange Server while you back it up, you will need to isolate it on the network because if you stop the Information Store, then any online backup of the store will fail.

The logs are extremely important and shouldn't be manipulated outside of Exchange.  If you move or delete any of the log files outside of Exchange, you risk not having your Information store mount.

If it was me, I'd perform a full backup to get the log files "flushed", take the store offline, copy the current location where the EDS, STM, and Logs are (just to be safe) once the store is dismounted, and then run the eseutil and perform the offline defragmentation.
PolyfilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.

Stopping SMTP looks like it may serve the purpose.  Should I also stop MTA?
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