Remove Win 7 Antivirus 2012

Can anyone suggest a good easy to follow procedure to remove Remove 'Win 7 Antivirus 2012' spyware without paying a removal tool.

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AdrienneSperberTech Support CoordinatorCommented:
AdrienneSperberTech Support CoordinatorCommented:
you'll probably only be able to run the scan in safe mode
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I always start with system restore to a couple of days prior the infection occurred.
Sometimes I have luck. And then I use Malwarebytes Antimalware just to be sure the PC is clean.
Just bear in mind that depending on how bad the infection is, you may in the end be better off by wiping the hard drive and re-installing the operating system.

Also, if that's the malware I'm thinking of, you may need to get a registry file to reset the .exe association so that you can run an exe without it running the virus first...  Take a look at the following link:
I've had multiple run-ins with this piece of malware and have successfully cleaned it everytime. Though to be 100% sure infections are gone from a system, it is always best to wipe and reinstall.

Malwarebytes works, though sometimes it may prevent you from executing the program or doing an update. You may have to manually update the definitions first.
As noted by pony10us in http:#a37388461 you can't simply "run malwarebytes" and you definitely don't want to do it in "Safe Mode".

The tools you need to run are all listed in the EE Article he linked, and don't forget to run the rootkit scanners. This variant of malware frequently has a rootkit companion infection.

In some rare instances "Safe Mode" scans are the only option, but in general you want to avoid them. Details in this EE Article: Malware Fighting – Best Practices
Wes FieldsCommented:
I have seen this virus a couple times and the best way to remove it has been the following:

1.) Rkill - This will kill known malware processes  Download Rkill Here
2.) Reg File to allow .exe to be run Download and Run to Fix .Exe Install
3.) Install and Run MalwareBytes Download Malwarebytes

This link is the automated way to uninstall it which basically describes my post above.  It also goes over everything you would have do to manually which would probably take quite a while to remove it manually.

This guide really is the best in my professional opinion.  I actually had to remove this virus from a client 2 days ago.

You just posted duplicate advice (and hyperlinks) to information already posted.
Please take the time to review prior comments before posting your own.
If you have problem running removal tools like MalwareBytes as already suggested, run TheKiller first.

Download TheKiller to your Desktop

Note that "TheKiller" is renamed as explorer.exe
Double click on it (If running Vista or Windows 7, right click on it and select "Run as an Administrator")
Press OK button after program finish
Do not restart your system after this step. You then run other tools like MalwareBytes, TDSSKiller or ComboFix.

NOTE: If malware still able to block TheKiller from running please try to run it several more times.

jsdray -
Why do you think activating a malware program is a good idea? Have you actually used the process described in that video?

The instructions already provided show how to bypass the rogue processes and remove the infection which (in my opinion) is a much safer procedure.
tommym121Author Commented:
Thanks for all you help. Manage to get rid of it.
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