Anyone have a gas water heater? Are you a gas serviceman?

My piss poor gas company who sold me my water heater, and came out when I moved in, to turn the gas on, and light the pilot light, NOW, want $75.00 to come light the pilot light.
The guy gavd me 3 choices with them:
pay them $75, or report them to the Better Business Bureau, or stop using their gas.

I could see a service charge for a repair or replacement of a part.
Even then $75 just to come by is on the high side.

To drop by here for less than 5 minutes, (while they are headed back to their facility from a service call) to light my pilot, is not worth any $75 per hour.
At 5 minutes that is over $800 an hour.

He said lighting instructions are written on the side and very easy.
But, I'm half blind.

I think the pilot light went off last weekend when my washing machine drain hose popped out of the hole in the wall.

I hope and assume that when the pilot light went out that the water heater turned itself off to stop the flow of gas.
I was visiting a relative since then, and go to take a shower, and no hot water.

Any ideas on how to do this?

The guy implied he did not care if I blew the place up trying to light it. What a joke.

By the way, before I moved in, a referred plumber came by to check the water heater. He said I needed a new part and wanted $125.00 total. He lied, I needed no part at all, only a lighting of the pilot light, which the gas company did the first time at no charge, to get my business.

I use gas for water and heat.
I have never used gas before and really scared of gas.
I have heat so gas is getting to that point in the attic.

Like I said, maybe a plumber knows how to light a pilot light, but the last one turned out to be a crook.
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Try calling 211 the assistance line if it is active in your area.  They can probably steer you to some good reliable help.
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Gas appliances have an automatic shutoff for safety and most have an electric ignitor that could be bad.
nickg5Author Commented:
The handy dandy plumber falsely told me I needed a new ignitor.
He was wrong.

I know how the pilot light went out. My washing machine drain hose popped out and flooded the area. Not deep enough to reach the pilot light but surely the splashing water put it out.

I dialed 211 on my cell phone and it is not a working number.
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Ask a neighbor for help. Almost everybody knows how to light a pilot light, and it would be free.
Actually you MAY have needed a part.  The only way that washer hose would make a pilot light go out is if it sprayed onto the pilot - and that isn't very likely.
It may be that just a thermocouple is needed - a cheap part, but the service call covers more than just the time there.  Maybe try another plumber if it doesn't stay lit after a neighbor helps you re-light it.  And yes, the valve on the side of the heater (water or other type heater) prevents the flow of the gas when the pilot goes out - unless it is very, very old.

Otehrwise, it's not rocket science:

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nickg5Author Commented:
The washing machine drain hose came out of the hole in the wall and splattered water in the direction on the pilot light. I am 99.9999% sure that was the cause.
And kept splattering water until the washing machine was empty of water.
nickg5Author Commented:
It was not as easy at the video.
My gas line did not have a shutoff valve.
The instructions on the side of the heater did not match the mechanism.
There was only one knob and it was set on "pilot."
It was turned to "on" and pressed down, and held, then the pilot light was lit with a BQ lighter.
Then the button was released, flames came from around the part in the middle of the heater, underneath, rather loooong flames from each burner tip.
I turned to knob to pilot, and montitored the matter for 10 minutes.
No issues.
I did not have a red shutoff valve and the black knob did have "off," but you could not turn it off. The only choices were "pilot" or "on."
The flames rather surprised me as my nose was 8-10 inches away.
I'll know what to expect next time, and yes, the washing machine drain hose did put the light out. I'll need to make a clamp to hold that hose in place.
The water heater is in a 4x4 foot space and I had to kneel down and look into the area where the tubing was, to be able to light it.
The instructions were to turn the valve off, and the knob off, then release the gas that might be in the line. I could not do that.
I know I held the button down about a minute as instructed to make sure the pilot light stayed on.
I may have released it, but did not turn it from "on" to pilot quick enough.
Not sure.
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