MAC Mail - Scroll Bar

After 2 sends of inactivity my mac mail scroll bar disappears.  Then i have to use the up and down arrows to navigate my mail list.  Is there any way to have the scroll bar always visible?
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I suspect you are using Mac OS X Lion. You can scroll by dragging two fingers up and down on your track pad. That works better than the scroll bar. (It will also cause the scroll bars to reappear.)

If you want to return to the Pre-Lion behaviour where the scroll bars do not disappear,  just go to System Preferences, General, and under "Show scroll bars:" you can turn back time and return to the scroll bar presence you know and love by selecting "Always."
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Also handy, you can scroll down one page at a time by pressing the spacebar. Shift-spacebar to scroll up a page.

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