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I'd like to load a list of images into some thing like panel or listbox or something else. I am trying to use Tadvsmoothimagelistbox from TMS. but i can not  change the image size. i need other thing to load my images.
khaled salemSoftware DeveloperAsked:
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You can embed your images in your exe as Stored Resources. But if you have many images or big size images this will increase the exe size.

The other option will be to create Resource DLL which stores all the images and then you can load them once required.
khaled salemSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Of course, I'd like to load the images on required time only, I've the image path. But what i need how to display  (Which control) . This control should be changed on run time that's mean on press of one category maybe have 50 images to loaded. On other category maybe 12 image only.
This is a powerful image viewing and editing library, containing a lot of components to handle images

It will surely meet all your demands...

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You can use TScrollBox and TImage controls.

You are going to create as many images as required (as per each category) at run time on the TScrollBox which will hold all the TImages. Also you can control the size and location of every image on the TScrollBox.

khaled salemSoftware DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Nice, Can I create Timage on run time with TScroll Parent and Specific height & Width?
Absolutely yes.

Here am attaching a sample project.

PS: To test this project, I just used a fixed path for the image "C:\test.bmp", make sure to update that.
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